Web development

I could offer a range of services related to the development of dynamic and interactive web applications. This could include developing single page JavaScript applications for TV devices, designing web solutions for secure transactions and end-user financial products, implementing testing routines for different model devices, and providing frontend development and validation services.
  • Produce clean, efficient code based on specifications
  • Integrate software components and third-party programs
  • Work with developers to design algorithms and flowcharts
  • Verify and deploy programs and systems
  • Create technical documentation for reference and reporting
  • Remain cool and effective in a crisis
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Mobile app development

I offer a range of services related to the development of high-quality mobile applications. This could include creating custom modules, developing backend solutions for mobile applications and general backend development, working with UX designers to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, and implementing integrations with customer relationship management software and payment APIs.
If you're having trouble getting your app ready for publication in the Google Play or Apple App Store, I can help. I've published several apps in both stores, so I know what it takes to get approved. I have 3 apps in the Apple App Store and 4 in the Google Play Store
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Financial technology

As a developer specializing in financial technology, i could offer a range of services related to the creation of solutions that support the unique needs of the financial industry. This could include supporting internal projects with API webservices integrations, maintaining business applications for the mobile-web products of the company, developing custom modules for financial websites, and providing consulting services to help clients understand and comply with relevant regulations and standards.
  • Blockchain-based supply chain solutions, which enable businesses to track and verify the origin and movement of goods and materials throughout their supply chains.
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, which provide financial services like lending, borrowing, and trading on the blockchain.
  • Blockchain-based identity solutions, which allow individuals and organizations to securely and verifiably store and manage their digital identities on the blockchain.
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Let’s talk!

My services would be tailored to the specific needs of each client, and could include consulting, development, and ongoing support and maintenance.
I love to learn more about you.
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